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cynical-taire asked:
I'm dying right now because of your posts

oh darling thank you so much!

i really loved running this blog last year and i’m super glad it’s making someone smile still 

Apr 29 /

Um. Happy Birthday Combeferre..?

sorry ive been so slack guys

you know i love you

more texts soon, i promise

Sep 13 /


For the lovely anon who requested this

Read on AO3 (I strongly recommend reading here, the formatting on tumblr is icky)

"Everyone is part of a certain fandom… Enjolras is some big time fic writer and Grantaire is his faithful beta.."

ok so this kind of got away from me… i failed on the ‘everyone’ part (maybe i’ll continue for the others who knows)
and the ‘faithful beta’ bit.. not sure i hit that nail on the head?
but i hope you enjoy anyways

Game of Thrones Fandom AU [titled The Fandom AU of Doom on my word doc] under the cut

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Hey guys look I wrote a thing.
It’s pretty ridiculous.

jesus christ snuggling with courfeyrac would be the best thing ever

Marius, you don’t know what your missing out on..

Jehan and Feuilly and Grantaire marathoning Hannibal and getting super into it and trying to solve everything and arguing over whether or not it’s healthy for them to be empathising with a serial murdering cannibal and being all super protective of will.. and just yes

Oh my god i’m witnessing this teen couple break up
This is too funny
But she’s crying so I feel a little bad for being so amused…

Grantaire and Combeferre hanging out together and drinking coffee and discussing philosophy, bonding over childhood stories and Ferre’s record collection and their shared love of chocolate and the fact that they both clear their heads by strolling around Paris at night and Grantaire teaching Combeferre about art, and the both of them laughing over his attempts at drawing and I just have a lot of feelings about the Grantaire/Combeferre friendship ok?

sweet lord tumblr you are such a hack

who else had some lovely things posted on their blogs without their knowledge? 

so yeah, sorry about the omegle screenshot..
didn’t post that one
hopefully it’ll disappear into the ether soon enough

Feuilly would so be like a cat and would always sit on the counter or on the dresser or on top of something so that he’s perched that little bit above everyone else and he’d sit there with crossed legs and watch everyone with that Feuilly look and basically he is superior to all thank you and good night

flap-my-jack asked:
Ah I love these so much :) I love the little storylines, makes me want to write oneshots haha

Aw shucks man! Thanks :)

Go! Do it! Write all of the one shots!
And then link them to me!